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The AA Driving School has been established in 2014 and we have gone from strength to strength since. We offer driver training that differentiates us from other schools. We have totally professional & reliable driving instructors that are all licensed by the DVSA (Driving Vehicle Standards Agency).

AA Driving School frequently asked questions

Here are some common questions and answers about the driving, licensing and the AA Driving School.

A person must be at least 14 years old to take the knowledge test. learners licence will be issued if he/she passes the knowledge test, vision screening, and has the permission of a parent if the person is under 18.

Once having learners licence, your child is eligible to drive with the supervision of a license holder driver, e.g. you. Teaching the teenager to drive at the very beginning is not an easy job. They are likely to encounter very dangerous situations, which parents want to avoid. The best way is to have your child take a few lessons with a professional instructor first. Then you can help him/her practice driving during daily life. Your child will master certain level driving skills and has accumulated experience before being eligible to take the road test. It will be easier for your child to pass the road test after intensive training from our driving instructor.

Driving is a skill that some people learn quicker than others. The Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency states that on average a person requires approximately 44 hours of professional lessons combined with approximately 22 hours of private practice. Your instructor will monitor your progress at the end of each lesson using AAN's training formula and progress chart and from this, you will be able to assess how near test standard you are.

No. In fact, it is a good idea to learn the theory whilst you are learning the practical as it can bring the subject alive making it easier to understand and remember.

It is also possible to book semi-intensive courses.

We will arrange to carry out a driving assessment and talk through the various options available.

Not all students progress or learn at the same pace. Some students have received informal training before their driving lessons. While such students may be moved through the course curriculum faster, it is necessary that they receive the same basic training as a beginner. In these cases, the curriculum would continue to be followed, but less time would need to be spent on the basics. The additional time gained would then be used to provide additional training on more advanced skills.

Other students may require more time with the basic skills before moving on to a more complex skill. For safety reasons, we do not advance students beyond their capabilities.

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Driving in a big city has its pros and cons. Thanks to your amazing services I feel assured and confident on the road. Excellent customer support, loyal staff and programs!”

Samuel Lungameni

Samuel Lungameni


Driving in a big city has its pros and cons. Thanks to your amazing services I feel assured and confident on the road. Excellent customer support, loyal staff and programs!”

Ruby Rubz

Ruby Rubz

North Carolina

I would recommend no other driving school. They are very good, friendly, affordable and helped me to pass my license with ease after many other driving schools have failed.

Tiaan Hattingh

Tiaan Hattingh


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