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Get great travel deals with your AA Membership!

From rental cars to ferries, accommodation, trains and campervans, AA Members can receive great discounts and deals with these Member Benefits.

AA Membership gives you the most comprehensive on-the-road services and benefits of any provider in Namibia.

On-the-road assistance

On-the-road assistance includes towing, roadside rescue, AA roadside security and low-cost insurance.

Vehicle maintenance

Our vehicle maintenance benefits save you money on tyres, vehicle inspections, insurance and assist you with battery problems, vehicle glass repairs and replacements.

Join The AA Today

Never get stuck on the side of the road again. We will be here for you. Sign up for AA membership today and enjoy great. Funeral benefit up to N$5000 when you pay an extra N$20.00 monthly (client only qualifies after 6 months of consecutive payments).

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N$200/over 4 months
or N$800.00 once off
  • Retirement has never been easy but with the AAN 60+ Advantage package, this just got a whole lot easier for our elderly. The AAN Fidelity package ensures that our elderly enjoy the full benefits of driving anywhere, anytime.
  • Roadside assistance
    4 local call-outs • Locksmith service • Battery service • Fuel run-out
  • Short distance tow in
    (N$1000.00 plus VAT; 40km radius)
  • Tow in – Long distance call outs (200km radius)
    Mechanical breakdown • Electrical breakdown • Accident tow in
  • Discounts @ 10%
    Vehicle inspection on used vehicles when buying or selling (only at accredited service providers)
  • Fuel voucher
    N$300.00 (only at pre-approved fuel stations)
  • AutoCare Benefits at extra cost of N$1000.00
  • Valid for 2 years

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