Walking, in general, can be dangerous at times

The list of Namibia’s road traffic fatalities involved speeding vehicles, drunk drivers, hit-and-runs, rollovers, and many more including pedestrians being run over are counted daily. In so many cases whether you are cycling, walking, or running, being seen at night or at times of day when there is low light (like dusk or dawn) is very important to ensure your safety is key. It can be especially difficult for drivers to see pedestrians in low light, and this alone puts the pedestrian at risk.

The #ISEEYOU initiative, by FIA targets road users especially pedestrians as vulnerable road users and their safety.  In Namibia, there has been an outcry to change the law in the reduction of the 40km to 30km (lower speeds) around all schools, which was done, but the speeding signs have not been replaced around schools. Runners, cyclists, pedestrians, in general, are 10 times likely to be run over on our streets. More equitable road sharing and better education to start improving pedestrian safety is key. The #ISEEYOU Initiative is geared to ensure that pedestrians are better seen with their reflective sashes with emphasis on the replacement of the speeding signs around schools.

It is expected that the identified groups embraced the sashes widely because the reflective sashes make it easier for a driver to SEE any pedestrian.

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