Emergency Services

As the AA Namibia does not currently operate its own tow vehicles, local tow-in contractors have been listed to assist you. They will also do their best to help you at the breakdown but may have to tow your vehicle in for repairs. The AA Namibia will contribute towards these expenses according to the conditions of service, as listed below.

What to report

When you call for assistance, please give your name, membership number, registration number and description of the vehicle, breakdown location and suspected fault.

If you experience difficulty in getting a reply from the selected tow-in contractor, we suggest you either use the appropriate afterhour’s telephone number or contact the nearest police station for advice on where help may be obtained.

If there is any doubt about the credibility of the two truck operator. Please contact the AA Namibia office in Windhoek to confirm.

Remembers too, that traffic officers or the police cannot force you to accept just any tow truck if you state your preferences for a tow-in service garage.

No telephone in the vicinity

Switch on your hazards warning lights and flag down a passing motorist. Fill in the members, portion of the assistance voucher found on the inside front cover of the handbook and ask the assisting motorist to call in at the nearest tow-in contractor with voucher. If you get your car going before summoned help arrives, please let them know.

Please note: if you use a tow-in service garage, certain rules apply (see Conditions of Tow-in Services).