We deliver best motoring solutions and peace of mind to all our members and the public in general.

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On the Road

Members of AA Namibia can contact a local, independent towing service provider “TOW-IN Specialist” who will do their very best to assist you on the ro

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The Automobile Association of Namibia (AAN)


AA Namibia is a full member of the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA). Founded in 1904, FIA is comprised of 230 member countries across the globe. FIA is in a unique position to facilitate communication and the exchange of ideas among its 80 million members. This comprehensive access means that the FIA and its clubs can actively educate and inform members of their responsibilities and encourage them to behave safely and make choices that are environmentally sound.


Enjoy various discounts and benefits by easily downloading and completing the online application membership form.

International Driving Permits

International Driving Permit are issued by AA Namibia in terms of the International Convention relative to Motor Traffic of 1949 and to holders of valid driver’s licenses issued in Namibia.

Get in Touch

Contact AA Namibia at:
Phone: +264 61 224 201/2
E-mail: or



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Frequently Asked Questions

When is my AA Membership activated?

You can rest assured knowing that your cover will be activated as soon as your payment is received. Please note that AA Advantage Plus, AA Advantage and AA Alliance Members core benefits will be available as soon as your payment has been received however, your extended benefits will be activated after 72 hours, as we require a little longer to confirm your access. Remember that EFT payments can take up to 48 hours to reflect in our bank account before it is updated on your AA Membership.

What can I expect when I sign up as an AA Member?

  • You will receive an e-mail/SMS welcoming you as an AA Member, and providing our contact details and your 9-digit AA Membership number for easy reference.
  • Your link to download your NEW AA digital Membership card, the AA eCard, will be sent once it is ready for you to download.
  • Should you require a physical AA Membership card, simply call +264 61 224 201/2, weekdays between 8am and 5pm, to request one.

What happens if I need assistance before I receive my AA Membership card?

Should you require assistance before obtaining your Membership card, we’ll gladly provide the help you need. Simply call us on +264 61 224 201/2 and give us your ID number to access your benefits. You will be required to answer a few questions to validate your AA Membership.

Does my AA Membership card expire?

Your AA Membership card has no expiry date and gives you on-going access to services, as long as your Membership is up to date.