Join the challenge FIA SMART DRIVING CHALLENGE – NAMIBIA  – for smarter and safer roads

Did you know we can all contribute to making our roads safer and more eco-friendly just by changing the way we handle our cars? Join the FIA Smart Driving challenge and today to lower

your carbon footprint and save lives. Let’s make sure we take care of ourselves and the planet

when we do take our car to get to work, do groceries or pick up the kids from school.

FIA SDC is the answer.

What is the FIA ​​Smart Driving Challenge?

The FIA ​​Smart Driving Challenge (SDC) is a global competition that allows everyday drivers

to be rewarded for their smart, safe, and eco-responsible driving.

The challenge was initiated by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) and the

Swedish company Greater Than. As a member of the FIA, ​​the AAN is launching the official

Namibian National Challenge this year which begins the 1st of September and ends

31st of October 2021.

What is smart driving?

Smart driving is about driving in a way that is safe, respectful towards the environment, and responsible. So in short:

  • Adapt your speed to the current conditions (weather, traffic, surroundings)
  • Stay 100% focused
  • Anticipate your driving – don’t be last minute
  • Be gentle with your foot on the pedals (no sudden movements – keep it smooth)

How do I join?

The challenge is open to everyone. It’s simple to join – and free of charge.

  • Download the app
  • Sign up and select country Namibia
  • Connect your mobile phone by Bluetooth to your car’s infortainment system
  • Start to drive!

We are excited to drive smart with you!  

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