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AA Membership gives you the most comprehensive on-the-road services and benefits of any provider in Namibia.

On-the-road assistance includes towing, roadside rescue, AA roadside security and low-cost insurance.

Our vehicle maintenance benefits save you money on tyres, vehicle inspections, insurance and assist you with battery problems, vehicle glass repairs and replacements.

We even have value added Assist Services, such as eyecare discounts, concierge services, reminder services, and motor-related legal and technical advice.”

You’ll be asked for:

  • What type of Membership you’d like
  • Contact information such as your phone numbers, postal

If your vehicle has already broken down and you’re not currently an AA Member, please call us on 085  255 5500 / 081 218 4552 to discuss your options. Membership entitlements do not cover pre-existing incidents or breakdowns that occurred prior to the Member joining the AA. Please note that service cannot be provided if the Member joined the AA within the last 24 hours.


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