International Affiliations

AA Namibia is associated to the FIA (Federation International the Automobiles) which is a not for profit association established in 1904. The FIA is the governing body of motorsports and world championships worldwide and has 60 million road and track users from 230 member clubs in 114 countries around the world. As a leader in international road safety, the FIA is supporting the UN programme through its global network of motoring and touring clubs and its involvement with motor sports.

The FIA’s Action for Road Safety campaign is focusing the federation’s resources on helping it’s member organizations around the globe to educate and advocate for safer roads, vehicles and behaviours.

The FIA African Council works with national and international authorities to:

  • Represent the voice and interests of member organisations for the development of motoring, touring and road traffic in Africa;
  • Improve the range of services provided to motoring tourists and travellers in Africa through cooperation with fellow member organisations, and reciprocal service agreements.
  • Promote and cooperate with governments and other organisations on issues such as traffic laws, regulations and road safety.
FIA Place de la Concorde headquarters in Paris

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