Terms &Condtions

  1. These Terms and Conditions govern the Membership Programme associated with your card. When you sign the agreement for your AA Membership category, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. Always remember that the Terms and Conditions will be effective when we accept your application and a card has been issued to you. Please do take the necessary time to read our terms and conditions carefully and familiarise yourself with them. If anything is unclear, don’t hesitate to phone our Customer Care department on:THE AUTOMOBILE ASSOCIATION OF NAMIBIA MEMBERSHIP TERMS AND CONDITIONS

As a valued AA Member, we’ll be happy to guide and advice you at all times.


The listed terms have the following related meanings:

  • AAN: The Automobile Association of Namibia.
  • Accident: Damage to body panels or the undercarriage, wheels or suspension because of a collision with another vehicle, a pothole or an object. If mechanical or electrical failure caused the accident, or the vehicle caught on fire, we consider the incident to be an accident.
  • Breakdown: An occasion when your vehicle cannot be driven as a result of an electrical or mechanical failure, a flat wheel or out of fuel situation.
  • Dependent: A Member, 25 years or under, living at the same address, or who is financially dependent on the principal Member, who is eligible for a discounted subscription.
  • Insurable risk: Vehicles that require a tow for an accident, attempted theft or vandalism as well as recovered stolen vehicles. These are not classified as breakdowns. Insurable risk also includes kern related damage, windscreen repairs as a result of an accident, stone damage, hail damage, water damage etc.
  • Member: The individual principal Member in whose name the AA Membership is maintained.
  • Membership Card: The card issued by the AA to the Member, reflecting the Membership number.
  • Membership Year: The 12-month period covered by the Member’s subscription.
  • Rural: Any area that is not defined as Urban (see below).
  • Spouse: A Member, eligible for a discounted subscription, living at the same address as his/her spouse or partner who is a principal Member.
  • Subscription: The annual payment required to remain a Member of the AA.
  • Tow distance:The distance from the scene of the Breakdown, Accident or Insurable risk incident to the drop off point.
  • Tow provider: The AA tow truck or AA approved tow contractor.
  • Urban:The Namibian regions: Khomas, Otjozondjupa, Erongo, Hardap, Karas, Kavango East & West, Oshana, Oshikoto, Omusati, Ohangwena, Omaheke, Caprivi…
  • Vehicle:The vehicle that the Member is travelling in, either as a passenger or driver, at the time of the incident.  This may be: a motorcar, motorbike, caravan, trailer, 4×4 or light commercial vehicle (LCV), with a gross vehicle mass (GVM) of less than 3,5 tons, which can be legally used on Namibian public roads; and where vehicle dimension does not exceed 5.5m in length, 2.5m in width or 2.6m in height. This does not include taxis and vehicles used for business purposes. Vehicles must be in a roadworthy condition.
  • We/us/our: Related to the AA.
    You/your: Related to the Member.

You must phone our 24-hour Emergency Call Centre for assistance on

08 52 5555 00 (24/7) and 081 555 9432 (office hours 8h00 to 17h00).

Calls are recorded for your protection and for training purposes.

Payment for any service is not guaranteed unless prior authorization has been obtained and you quote the AA Case Reference Number.


All AA Members are limited to 2 fuel assistances per 12 month service subscription as part of their assistance entitlement: youth

3.1  Roadside assistance entitlements:

  1. AA Prime Members – 4 calls* assistances per 12 month subscription, accommodation 15% discount.
  2. AA Prime Plus + Members – 3 calls* assistances per 12 month subscription, accommodation 10% discount.
  3. AA Fidelity over 60 years – 2 calls* – unlimited* assistances per 12 month subscription, accommodation 10% discount.
  4. AA Active younger than 25 years – 2 calls* Members – 2 assistances per 12 month subscription, accommodation 10% discount.

*Subject to these terms and conditions – please refer in particular to our Fair Use policy (See point 9).

We will charge any additional assistances at exclusive AA Member rates.

Unused assistances at the end of a subscription year are forfeited. You must provide us with the correct location and destination of your vehicle and enough information on the vehicle being towed. Incorrect or incomplete information may cause a delay in the provision of services and could result in additional costs for your account.

In the event of an assistance, you must remain with the vehicle and produce your AA Membership card as proof of identification.

Where any breakdown case needs the use of more than one of our resources, such as a road patrol, battery patrol, locksmith or tow provider, we will count these as a single assistance.

Once we have provided assistance for a breakdown, we consider any subsequent assistance for the same breakdown a separate incident.

This includes towing a vehicle that was towed after hours to your home, a storage area or other place of repair or safety and then needs a further tow due to the same breakdown event.

If you cancel the assistance after we have dispatched the service vehicle, this is still regarded as one


If you call on more than one occasion for the same problem, each request will count as an assistance.

If you are not at the vehicle when we arrive and we cannot provide service, this will count as one assistance, and we will not be liable for any damage. If the vehicle is unattended when the tow truck or patrol vehicle arrives, it may leave the scene, and we cannot be held liable for any damage, to your vehicle.

3.2   Rural Areas:

In all the above instances, you may have to cover AA approved tow contractor costs and request a refund from the AA (see section on Refunds).

Should the distance be greater than your Tow distance allowance per assistance, the additional kilometers travelled will be charged for your account.

Should you breakdown with your pet, the AA will transport your pet in the AA tow truck cabin provided your pet can be placed into a proper transporting cage. Should this not be possible, your pet will be required to travel in your vehicle. In the event that you are incapacitated, the AA will coordinate the rescue of your pet from the breakdown scene in conjunction with the SPCA and inform you of your pet’s whereabouts as soon as possible. Although every effort will be made to ensure your pet’s safety, the responsibility for your pet’s well-being remains with you.

3.3 Areas we cover:

We provide services in Namibia. Should the breakdown occur in South Africa, Botswana we will arrange for the vehicle to be towed to the nearest place of safety or repair, subject to the availability of a suitable AA approved tow contractor.

You may need to pay the tow provider for the tow and request a refund from the AA in accordance to your Membership benefit entitlements on your return to your final destination (see section on Refunds).

3.4   Response times:

We provide roadside assistance as soon as possible in response to your request. We do not guarantee response times, which vary depending on location, traffic, road conditions, and weather.


Roadside repair services are limited to minor or temporary repairs to get the vehicle on the road again and does not replace the need for permanent repairs and regular servicing. Road patrol services are only available in urban areas.  The AA does not provide road patrol services for motorbikes or trailers, but will provide towing benefits in line with the Member’s entitlement. In instances where an AA resource is not available one of our AA approved contractors may be used.

If assistance for your vehicle exceeds the Tow distance entitlement applicable to your Membership, the cost of the additional kilometers travelled will be for your account.  If patrol assistance is required and the Vehicle is not drivable, the AA will dispatch a tow truck to the Vehicle to the nearest place of safety or repair and the cost will be for your account.  Any assistance not arranged through the AA’s 24-hour call center will be for your account.  The AA will not be responsible for any damage caused to the Member’s Vehicle.  AA road and battery patrols can assist, to an extent, with the following services:

4.1   Keys locked in vehicle:

This service is only provided if you indemnify the AA against any damage caused to the Vehicle as a result of the provision of this service. No legal action or claim for the cost of damages will be entertained. We will not refund locksmith charges for the repair/replacement of locks, ignition switches or key cutting. If necessary, we will provide a tow from your Membership benefit entitlement. If we make use of a locksmith to assist Vehicles with an electronic or high security locking systems, you will be covered up to an amount of N$ 443 (incl. VAT) in both Urban and Rural areas and the balance will be for your account.

In an Urban area, if keys are locked in the Vehicle and if the Vehicle does not have an electronic or high security locking system, we will arrange for an AA patrolman or locksmith to attend. The cost will be covered from your Membership entitlement.

In a Rural area, if keys are locked in the Vehicle and if the Vehicle does not have an electronic or high security locking system, we will arrange for a locksmith to attend. You will be entitled to claim reimbursement of labor costs up to an amount of N$ 443 (incl. VAT) and any additional parts or labor costs will be for your account.

4.2   Flat tyre change:

We will, where possible, change your tyre if you have a spare tyre on-site. Where necessary, we will tow the vehicle in accordance with your Membership benefit entitlements.  We are not responsible for damage to your tyres or rims as a result of pothole or other damage.  Multiple tyre ruptures and damage to your Vehicle as a result of pothole or other damage is classified as an Accident and accident towing services and rates will apply.

4.3   Emergency fuel:

If your Vehicle runs out of fuel at a location other than a filling station, we will supply up to 10 liters of fuel to reach the nearest filling station up to a maximum of 2 times per 12 month subscription.  If your vehicle requires more than 10 liters of fuel, you will be liable for the cost of the extra fuel and any additional cost towards the assistance. If necessary, we will provide a tow to the filling station in accordance with your Membership benefit entitlement.

4.4   Battery service:

If your vehicle’s battery cannot be jump-started, our battery patrols can sell and fit a new battery on-the -spot. The battery replacement service is subject to availability and in Urban areas only, and is not available for motorbikes.  All batteries come with a national 24-month battery warranty.  You are liable for the cost of the new battery and may make payment with cash, major credit cards, garage cards or debit cards.  Should an AA-supplied battery be replaced within the 24-month warranty period, the balance of the original warranty period will apply and this will not count as a second assistance.  The price of the new battery is based on the return of the old battery to the AA for environmental and safe disposal purposes.  If you wish to retain your old battery, a scrap charge will apply.


When a breakdown occurs outside of the AA’s road patrol service areas, the prime objective of the AA’s service is to secure the AA Member and his or her passengers, and to take them to a place of safety where alternative arrangements can be made or, if possible, for repairs to be carried out.

Our AA approved tow contractors are appointed based on their fleet size and facilities e.g. 24 hour availability, overnight storage yard etc.  We do not require that our approved tow contractors employ qualified mechanics.  For this reason they are not permitted to attempt any but the most basic repairs e.g. changing a flat tyre.

Should you request an AA approved tow contractor to repair the Vehicle and the repairs are not successful the Vehicle could sustain additional damage resulting in escalated repair costs.  The AA will not be held liable for any arrangements you may make with any AA approved tow contractor directly, (see section on Resolving Disputes).

  1. TOWING:

If your vehicle breaks down and cannot be repaired on-the-spot, we will tow your vehicle to the nearest place of safety or repair within a 100 km Tow distance. Anything exceeding this will be provided for under the long distance towing benefit (see section on Long distance towing).  If you are an AA Advantage Plus Member and have exceeded your extended benefit kitty, roadside assistance will be provided within a 100 km Tow distance, any additional kilometers travelled will be charged at AA Member discounted rates.

If you choose not to pay the AA or the AA approved tow contractor for the cost of the additional Tow distance or any other cost related to the incident, we may refuse assistance, or tow the Vehicle to the nearest place of safety/repair/storage depot, until such time payment is received.

An amount of N$ 50 is payable by AA on the first night’s storage to AA Members, and any storage requirement over and above this will be for your account.

In instances where an AA tow truck is not available one of our AA approved contractors may be used.
In exceptional circumstances, where specialized recovery or salvage equipment is needed, the cost of equipment and labor will be for your account.
We are not responsible for damages caused to the Vehicle. Any tow not arranged through the AA’s 24-hour call center will be for your account.

6.1    Additional transportation:

We can assist you in arranging additional transport for passengers who cannot be accommodated in the tow truck, for your account.


In instances where you are required to pay tow charges in full directly to our AA approved tow contractor, we will refund the tow charges in accordance with your Membership benefit entitlement, provided that your entitlements have not been exceeded.  We will calculate the refund by:

  1. Calculating the Tow distance and
  2. Multiplying this distance by our preferential per kilometer towing rates plus VAT

Claims can be posted to: AA Claims, PO Box 61, Windhoek, 9000, e-mailed to membership@aa-namibia.com or alternatively it can be handed in at the nearest AA Accredited Sales Agent Store (Swakopmund, Otjiwarongo, and Oshakati and Windhoek). All claims must quote your AA Case Reference Number and include our AA approved contractor’s receipted invoice displaying the contractor’s VAT number. If the receipted invoice is not available you may submit an affidavit confirming the incident and the amount paid by you.

7.1 The following are not covered:

  1. Labor charges, overtime charges, cellular phone charges, assistance fees, toll fees, weekend levies, parking fees, storage charges, hitching/salvage/recovery fees, collection and conveyance of spare parts, the cost of spare parts and other related expenses.
  2. Repair charges.
  3. Charges for assistance required due to accident or other insurable risks. We will assist with arrangements for your account.
  4. Charges for further towing of the vehicle for purposes of repair, if you do not accept the quotation of the repair center nearest to the point of breakdown, or if you make arrangements directly with the AA approved tow contractor.
  5. Towing charges incurred outside the borders of Namibia, South Africa, and Botswana.
  6. If the vehicle is loaded, we are not responsible for the load.
  7. We may require you to remove the load before rendering any service.
  8. Payment or refunds for assistance by private persons or other roadside assistance providers.
  9. Compensation for any loss of income or earnings due to a breakdown that required assistance from the AA or any of our approved contractors.

8.1 Accommodation

You will get 10% discount from any AA accredited accommodation for AA members. Always keep your AA- Namibia Travel info map handy. For additional added discount rates refer to the membership type.   Where the AA pays the establishment directly, you will need to settle any additional costs directly with the establishment before departure, for your account.  Ref 3.1 page 3


8.2 Transportation Arrangements:

If you prefer to continue your journey, or to return home, we will arrange transportation to help you reach your destination by the most direct route.  If car hire is the most suitable arrangement, a vehicle will be hired for up to a maximum of 24 hours. Standard discount rates applies based on your membership category. Ref 3.1 page 3


8.3 Long distance towing:

If you exceed the require tow services as per your allocated Tow distance, the exceeded kilometers will be for your account.

  • AA Prime 250 Kilometers
  • AA Prime Plus + 150 Kilometer
  • AA Fidelity over 60 years 100 kilometers
  • AA Active younger than 25 years 65 kilometers

8.4   Collecting your vehicle & Standing /Yard Fee:

Collecting of your vehicle from place of repair and standing/yard fee can be paid for N$ 1000 voucher Kitty per incident deducted from your extended benefit kitty and anything that exceeds the available funds will be for your account. Please see the terms and conditions for car hire service providers will apply (see below).

8.5   Car hire service provider terms and conditions:

The car hire service provider’s terms and conditions will apply, these require that you:

  • are over age 23 years
  • have an active credit card
  • have a valid and applicable Driver’s License

In addition:

  • The car hire company may also require you to pay a fuel deposit.
  • You will be required to return the car with a full tank of fuel, or be liable for the cost of refuel at the service provider’s rates.
  • The hired car must be returned to the depot from which it was collected in order to avoid additional charges, which will be for your account.
  • Should you be involved in a collision with the hired car, you will be liable for the insurance
    • Should you require the hired car for commuting purposes for longer than the initial 24 hours, you must enter into a new car rental contract with the car hire company, for your personal account, at a preferential rate.

The AA is a non-profit company.  The pricing and benefit entitlements for each Membership option have been carefully calculated, and it is therefore vital for all AA Members that benefits are not abused.

The AA reserves the right to exclude assistances where it becomes apparent to the AA, in its discretion, that the number of assistances requested by a Member is unreasonable.


10.1. AA Membership

AA Membership and benefits are non-refundable, non-transferable and personal to you. Membership entitlements do not cover incidents that happened before you joined us.

We reserve the right to deny services, or suspend AA Membership to any Member who, in the AA’s opinion is, or has been, abusive, threatening or violent toward any AA staff member, or who attempts to receive service by deception, with no requirement to refund. AA Membership is personal and does not automatically cover your spouse and dependents, who should become Members in their own right.

10.1.1    The loss of a love one is a difficult and emotional time for family members left behind

These cover covers the membership holder alone and it is paid out only after six month of consecutive payment.

10.2. Resolving disputes

We accept no liability for loss or damage to the vehicle or any of its components or accessories or contents while it is unattended, or while in the custody or under the control of any service provider or repairer. We will assist you in every way possible to resolve disputes with our AA approved tow contractors where loss or damage may have occurred while the vehicle was in their care. We carefully select our service providers for value added services, but cannot guarantee quality of service.

These service providers are not our agents or employees. We cannot be held responsible for their actions or omissions, or for any damage caused by their performance or failure to perform.

Where there is a need for clarification of terms and conditions or relating to your entitlements, our interpretation will be final.

10.3. Right to amend benefits, terms and conditions

We constantly strive to provide new and improved services to you. We reserve the right to amend the terms, conditions and benefits, including changing third party service providers. We will notify Members of material amendments in our Member communications

10.4. Up to date subscription

Your subscription must be up to date for you to be eligible to use your Membership.

10.5. Cancellation of Membership

10.5.1. AA Membership becomes active on the date the Membership fee is received.

10.5.2. Members will be notified in writing within 60 to 90 days of their approaching 12-month Membership period renewal date.

10.5.3. Members are responsible to keep their contact details up to date in order to receive renewal


10.5.4. Members have the right to cancel their Membership in writing within five business days of the date on which their Membership becomes active (the ‘cooling off’ period). The following refund policy will apply for Members cancelling within the five-day ‘cooling off’ period:

(a) If the Member has utilized the AA’s assistance within the five-day period, the Member will receive a full refund of the total Membership fee paid, less the AA’s charges for assistance provided. If the services provided amount to more than the total  Membership fee paid, the additional amount for the services will be charged and will be payable by the Member.

(b) If the Member did not utilize the AA’s assistance, the Member will receive a full refund of the total Membership fee paid.

10.6. Members who wish to cancel within 12-months of their current subscription period must provide 20 business days’ notice in writing, and will remain liable for any amounts incurred in the rendering of services during this period, as well as a cancellation fee, which will be calculated at the time of cancellation.

10.7. Members who have selected to pay by recurring debit order will be automatically renewed for each 12-month period, until cancelled in writing by the Member.

  1. 11. Debit Orders:

In instances where your initial debit order was unsuccessful, we’ll advise you of the rejected debit order through an SMS and automatically re-submit the debit order on the next debit order run (1st, 15th and 25th) to ensure your service continuity. Unfortunately, any bank charge penalty imposed will not be refundable from the AA.

  1. Your privacy rights:

We hold your personal information securely and will not disclose it to any other person or organisation unless authorized by you. We have the right to access and correct the information at any time.

As an AA Member you agree to abide by our terms and conditions. Your details will be used for administrative purposes, and to provide you with information relating to products and services from time to time.

Where you are a Spouse Member, we may offer products and services to both of you in the household jointly, or singly.

For this purpose, we include ourselves and any division, subsidiary, third party under contract or joint venture companies including AA Insurance.

  1. AA Membership Application Terms and Condition

The terms and conditions as stipulated in your membership application form contract must be noted as part of these document. See below exclusions:

13.1    AA Membership exclusions

Service cannot be provided if:

  • The Member joined the AA within 72 hours of yearly payment or within three month of full monthly payments;
  • the vehicle is over 3½ tonnes gross laden weight;
  • the vehicle is unattended by the Member at the time that it breaks down and when roadside assistance is provided;
  • the vehicle is not on public or formed roads, or trapped/ bogged;
  • the vehicle is involved in or disabled due to a motor vehicle accident, or stolen, or damaged due to theft or vandalism;
  • the vehicle is unregistered;
  • the vehicle is more than 2.44 metres wide overall, more than 3 metres high overall and/or more than 7 metres long overall (Please note: recovery of vehicles exceeding 5.5 metres overall length may be subject to delays from some locations due to the unavailability of a suitable recovery vehicle);
  • the vehicle is un-roadworthy/unsafe, or it would be dangerous or illegal for the AA representative to repair, load or transport the vehicle and/or its occupants;
  • the Member poses a safety risk to other motorists in the opinion of the AA representative;
  • the vehicle is carrying any form of hazardous materials;
  • the vehicle is immobilised due to failure to carry a serviceable spare wheel and wheel changing equipment suitable to the vehicle;
  • the vehicle was being used for racing, pace making, speed testing, reliability trials, competitions or off-road activities at the time of the breakdown;
  • the vehicle is carrying a load beyond the legal limit;
  • the vehicle is a quad bike;
  • the vehicle is agricultural vehicle.
BENEFITS AA Prime  AA Prime Plus  Fidelity-

 Over  60


  under 25

Preferential insurance rates

For car, home and contents

Yes Yes
No. of call-outs per year 4 calls 3 calls 2 calls 2 calls
Towing 250km round trip 150km round trip 100km round trip 65km round trip
Accident Yes
Mechanical & electrical breakdown Yes Yes Yes Yes
On the Road
Event of attempted theft Yes
Overnight storage Yes Yes Yes Yes
Extended Benefits  Yes
Roadside rescue Yes Yes Yes Yes
Emergency medical rescue Yes Yes Yes Yes AATA
                                                       AA roadside security
Event of attempted theft PanicNam  Yes Yes Yes Yes
Arrange for Overnight storage Yes within 12 hours Yes within 12 hours Yes within 12 hours Yes within 12 hours
                                                       Managed maintenance    
Discounted vehicle inspections at AA centres nationwide Yes Yes Yes Yes
Extended warranties to cover major engine failure AA Member rates AA Member rates AA Member rates
Mobile vehicle glass repairs AA Member rates AA Member rates Yes Yes
                                                        Assist services    
Vehicle maintenance    

Discounts at over 100 Hi-Q branches

Yes (1 Annual) Yes(2 annual) Yes (1 Annual)
Battery services Yes Yes
                                                       Managed maintenance    
Concierge services Yes Yes Yes Yes
Reminder services Yes Yes Yes Yes
Motor-related legal advice Yes Yes Yes Yes
Motor-related technical advice Yes Yes Yes Yes
AA traveller Guide  Yes Yes Yes Yes