Conditions of Towing Services

1. Your subscription must be up to date.

2. The AA Namibia tow-in service applies to:

(a) Private motorcars, motorcycles and other motorized vehicles (primarily for private use) with a carrying capacity not exceeding 1,5 tonnes.

(b) Breakdown caused by mechanical or electrical problems. The assistance vouchers may be used to get help in other circumstances but no refund will be made by the AANamibia.

3. The vouchers may be used to obtain towing assistance anywhere in Namibia, South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe. Refunds will be limited to the costs (at AA Namibia rates) involving in obtaining such assistance from the nearest garage, subject to a maximum refund of N$ 500,00 per year.

4. You may contact any tow-in Garage and ask them to transport your vehicle anywhere, but the AA Namibia will refund only that portion of the towing charges which you paid to the contractor up to the amount arrived at by:

(a) calculating the distance from the nearest tow-in service garage to the scene of the breakdown and back to the contractors premises, regardless of whether the vehicle can be repaired at the garage in that town or not.

(b) Multiplying this distance by the applicable AA Namibia towing charge rates and adding the general sales tax which applied at the time of the breakdown.

5. Remember to apply for your refund, within three months of the date of breakdown, at the AA Namibia office in Windhoek. Claims must be accompanied by a completed assistance voucher (signed by the member and with the name or rubber stamp of the tow-in contractor) plus the recipient contractor’s invoice for towing.

6. Please note AA Namibia will not refund:

(a) Labour charges, overtime charges, call out fees, weekend levies, hitching fees etc.

(b) Repair charges

(c) Charges for journeys from one garage or contractor to another or from place where the vehicles was towed after having broken down

(d) Charges for more than one trip by the contractor’s tow truck to and from the scene of the breakdown

(e) Charges for assistance required due to an accident, collision or other insurable risk (regardless of whether the vehicle is comprehensively insured or not)

(f) Charges for taking or supplying petrol to (or towing) a vehicle which has run out of petrol

(g) Charges for assistance rendered by a private person

(h) Charges for towing your vehicle from you place of residence to the nearest garage.

7. The maximum amount which will be refunded is N$ 500.00 per year.

8. The AA Namibia reserves the right to levy a charge if a valid membership card cannot be produced.

9. The AA Namibia may restrict the use which individual members may make of the tow-in service, or may exclude them altogether from the benefits of the service if, in the opinion of the Board of Directors their record of claims warrants such action.

10. The AA Namibia is not liable for loss or damage to the car or any of its components or accessories while it is unattended or while it is in the custody or under the control of any contractor or garage or its employees or any other person.

How to pay the tow-in services

When Assistance has been given, pay the total amount to the tow-in contractor and ensure that a detailed invoice and receipt is supplied. The contractor’s portion of the assistance voucher must be completed with the name or the rubber stamp of the tow-in contractor or garage.

Send the completed assistance voucher, receipt and invoice to:

The General Manager

The Automobile Association of Namibia

P O Box 61